1. Replaces and deselects usb-storage patch. The names of USB storage directories can be defined by WebIF (default: uStorXY) or by volume LABEL.

  2. Replaces and deselects patch.

      • autorun/ autoend behaviour can be activated/ deactivated via


      • autorun/ autoend are useful to start/ terminate applications

      located on USB devices, e.g. apache, samba or even swapfiles, after connecting or before disconnecting of USB devices.

  3. Auto-mounted USB storage devices will be fully accessible, e.g. it is now possible to put user home directories (e.g. for FTP) on a FAT32-formatted partition and permit shell and FTP users to actually write to their own home directories.

  4. Avoid deleting whole filesystems on USB devices.

  5. Enhanced behaviour during mounting and unmounting.


  1. fstyp is not needed and can be deselected in Package-Selection → Testing.
  2. You should not externalize ef2progs or blkid onto the same USB device(s) which you later want to use freetzmount for.

Further information (in German) is available in the following threads of the IP-Phone forum: