Ofono Telephony functions

Plasma Mobile uses ofono to communicate with telephony hardware. Ofono allows to make calls, send and receive sms and use the mobile broadband network.


Phonesim will add a fake phone modem, that can be controlled via a Qt based user interface from which it will be possible to test various aspects of the phone UI: making calls, receiving, signal strength, send SMS and so on. It will not generate any real call, but only make the UI think a SIM is working and that a phone call is in progress.

Usually you can install ofono-phonesim from the package manager of your distribution. If it’s not available, you can compile it from source.

To set up ofono-phonesim for development:

  • edit /etc/ofono/phonesim.conf, uncomment everything so that it looks like

  • start ofonod as root

  • start phonesim

    Please note that the binary may be called ofono-phonesim in some distributions.

    phonesim -p 12345 -gui /usr/share/phonesim/default.xml
  • from the oFono source directory, call ./test/enable-modem to bring the modem up, the control UI should come up

  • call ./test/online-modem to activate the test phonesim modem

On an actual device

Ofono can be controlled (for development purposes), using scripts located in /usr/share/ofono/scripts/.